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  • villagesalad
    Food Sides

    Village salad

    I was always an annoyingly fussy child. Many hours of my childhood were spent at the dinner table, forbidden to move until I ate my meal. (To this day, I still wouldn’t touch girello…

    10 March 2016
  • IMG_2757
    Drinks Food


    Spring has only just arrived, but Melbourne’s weather has been deliciously warm of late. This weekend was a long weekend which provided me with a sufficient amount of pensive wind-down time to be able…

    4 October 2015
  • 16455322152_ab38522a49_o
    Dessert Food

    Chocolate macarons

    My first macaron was bought here in Melbourne at a recommended cafe. It was okay, but it reminded me a lot of the plain meringues my mum used to buy me when I was…

    7 February 2015
  • 9590764346_8728616926_o
    Dessert Food

    Nutmeg slice

    There was a time where I just couldn’t be bothered going to the supermarket to make something fancy. We were having guests over, and the night before I decided I wasn’t going to make…

    31 March 2014
  • redvelvet
    Dessert Food

    Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing

    I received a lovely gift from my husband for our 3-year anniversary – a gift voucher for a cupcake decorating course! I booked the next class and spent the following Sunday assisting a professional…

    27 February 2014
  • choc-tart
    Dessert Food

    Chocolate ganache strawberry tart

    Travelling is hard to do. Money and time are my two worst enemies. I finally built up enough leave at work but then realised we also need money to travel. We saved and saved.…

    21 August 2013
  • littlepies
    Dessert Food

    Little fruit pies

    Fruity desserts are always good. A little while ago I found canned apple and blackberry pie filling. I bought it with pie in mind (and because I was still nostalgic about my delicious apple…

    1 August 2013
  • bananamuffin
    Food Snacks

    Banana walnut muffins

    Alex started a new job last week. His new job starts at 8.45am an it’s on the other side of the city so the poor dear has to wake up earlier these days –…

    23 July 2013