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  • coffeeheader1

    Coffee: from tree to cup

    Coffee is the one plant I have been the most successful at growing. This is surprising, given that I live in a temperate climate. My growing coffee obsession began in Costa Rica, where I successfully…

    20 January 2016
  • cacti

    My exotic cactus collection

    Ever since I discovered that you can legally grow San Pedro and Peyote cacti in Australia, I set out immediately to start my cactus collection. I didn’t want to buy these plants for ingestion…

    9 October 2015
  • miraflores
    Latin America Life Travel

    A love story

    Whilst procrastinating on Pinterest, I came across this idea for creating a Love Map. It got me thinking. My “met, married and live” are all in different countries. I am a very fortunate person…

    21 August 2012