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  • coffeeheader1

    Coffee: from tree to cup

    Coffee is the one plant I have been the most successful at growing. This is surprising, given that I live in a temperate climate. My growing coffee obsession began in Costa Rica, where I successfully…

    20 January 2016
  • littlepies
    Dessert Food

    Little fruit pies

    Fruity desserts are always good. A little while ago I found canned apple and blackberry pie filling. I bought it with pie in mind (and because I was still nostalgic about my delicious apple…

    1 August 2013
  • crumble
    Dessert Food

    Apple and blackberry crumble

    Generally I’m not one to buy cookbooks seeing though recipes are so readily available online nowadays (and also rated, which really appeals to me). A while ago we stumbled upon a little kiosk at…

    16 February 2013