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  • mrgnome

    Have you heard… mr. Gnome

    It’s no secret that I’m pretty into Mini Mansions. Alex introduced me to Pandora a few months ago and I’ve discovered that the Mini Mansions  playlist is awesome and definitely the best mix that…

    26 May 2016
  • alltimefavouritegames

    All-time favourite games

    My first console was an Atari. It wasn’t exactly mine, however. It was in the household around the time I was born. It was okay. I liked to play Q-Bert on occasion, until my…

    19 May 2016
  • 023-apocalypse-now-theredlist
    Entertainment Film

    The best film ever made

    The second last time I recall that I was moved to tears was approximately one year ago. It was winter, and hence, my time of the year to stop cycling to work and to…

    2 October 2015
  • portrait-de-dorian-gray-1945-01-g
    Books Entertainment

    All-time favourite books

    The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde It all began at the Westgarth Horror Fest of 2001 (or thereabouts). It was a 24-hour horror movie marathon located a short 20-minute walk from my…

    5 July 2014
  • 13713663033_77d54a811e_o
    Entertainment Music

    Best concerts ever, Pt. 3

    I find that my most favourite concerts ever generally have a side story to them. Usually this side story is exciting and involves a stroke of luck. For example, I mentioned before that I…

    8 April 2014
  • minimansions
    Entertainment Music

    Being underrated

    When I was a teenager I always thought it was best for my favourite bands to remain obscure and unknown… that meant that I would always get a front row spot at their concerts,…

    3 February 2014
  • grizzly bear
    Entertainment Music

    Best concerts ever, Pt. 2

    We are currently in the midst of the longest heatwave since 1908 (apparently). From Tuesday to Friday the temperature has soared beyond the 40°C mark (that’s over 104°F). Tuesday was pretty brutal. My ride…

    16 January 2014
  • cartola
    Entertainment Music

    All-time favourite songs

    1. Cartola – Preciso me Encontrar The nostalgia. I first discovered this song whilst watching the epic film City of God. A few years later when I first arrived in South America to start my…

    24 October 2013