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  • babka3-21
    Dessert Food

    Chocolate babka

    I always wondered what on earth babka was. After watching an episode of Seinfeld, I knew it was something delicious. I knew it was a baked good. I knew chocolate was best. I knew…

    26 April 2016
  • blueberry
    Dessert Food

    Blueberry cake

    I remember my first blueberry because it was not so long ago. I was taking my tea break from my lovely adolescent supermarket job, when one of the fresh produce fellas whispered, “Psst… Nicole……

    3 April 2013
  • marble
    Dessert Food

    Marble pound cake

    Hello stranger. No, I haven’t gone anywhere. I have just had a rather unproductive month… that is, until my colleague brought her mother-in-law’s marble bundt cake into work last week. It was rather cruel…

    21 March 2013
  • bananabread
    Food Snacks

    Best banana bread

    This is the best banana bread ever. …according to my husband and I. I have tried many banana bread recipes and this is the best we’ve found. It’s soft, sweet and can be eaten…

    16 September 2012