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  • coffeeheader1

    Coffee: from tree to cup

    Coffee is the one plant I have been the most successful at growing. This is surprising, given that I live in a temperate climate. My growing coffee obsession began in Costa Rica, where I successfully…

    20 January 2016
  • cacti

    My exotic cactus collection

    Ever since I discovered that you can legally grow San Pedro and Peyote cacti in Australia, I set out immediately to start my cactus collection. I didn’t want to buy these plants for ingestion…

    9 October 2015
  • hobart3
    Oceania Travel

    Hobart, Tasmania

    Our final day in Mr Van Diemen’s land was spent driving back to Hobart. Yes, we booked a return flight to Hobart but it would have been much more convenient to fly into Hobart…

    29 November 2013
  • 10685120854_275c449dab_o
    Oceania Travel

    Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

    After our brief albeit fulfilling visit to Freycinet National Park and the East Coast of Tasmania, it was time to head inland to our second destination, Cradle Mountain National Park. The journey was four…

    10 November 2013
  • Hot-Aus

    What to do when it’s too hot to do anything

    I have been desperate to blog but have been lacking much inspiration lately. I love to write about my travels and baking, but unfortunately I have been doing neither lately. Today I had a…

    30 November 2012
  • frenchkoala
    Oceania Travel

    French Island

    I’ve had a busy and exciting past few weeks. We are officially moving house in three weeks and I have already started packing. We have been to a few concerts too – I think…

    23 November 2012
  • mornington
    Oceania Travel

    The quest

    This past weekend was spent indulging in a cosy cottage on the Mornington Peninsula, about two hours south of Melbourne. The occasion was our two-year anniversary, so we treated ourselves to some pampering at…

    4 November 2012