• 5tools

    5 tools to simplify trip planning

    Whenever there is a trip in my sights, I spend every hour of every day thinking about it. I am what you might call an obsessively organised travel planner. Alex on the other hand…

    16 January 2016
  • 2015

    2015: A year in review

    2015 has come and gone already. My year began with a boringly mild summer. My excitement piqued shortly thereafter as we returned to the Americas to meet our new niece. Winter came, enduring as always,…

    31 December 2015
  • gran3
    Breakfast Food Snacks

    Maple pecan granola

    I have started a new job recently. The hours are longer and I’m getting home later, and the last thing I want to do when I get home is think about getting organised for…

    6 December 2015
  • nyc
    North America Travel

    Return to New York City

    When planning our Costa Rica trip, it was decided that to make the most of our lovely 30 hour commute, we may as well stop in the US for a few days. It was…

    25 November 2015
  • cacti

    My exotic cactus collection

    Ever since I discovered that you can legally grow San Pedro and Peyote cacti in Australia, I set out immediately to start my cactus collection. I didn’t want to buy these plants for ingestion…

    9 October 2015
  • IMG_2757
    Drinks Food


    Spring has only just arrived, but Melbourne’s weather has been deliciously warm of late. This weekend was a long weekend which provided me with a sufficient amount of pensive wind-down time to be able…

    4 October 2015
  • 023-apocalypse-now-theredlist
    Entertainment Film

    The best film ever made

    The second last time I recall that I was moved to tears was approximately one year ago. It was winter, and hence, my time of the year to stop cycling to work and to…

    2 October 2015
  • 21756429381_21acde6930_k
    Latin America Travel

    Return to Costa Rica

    Four years and eight¬†months ago, we left our life in Costa Rica to move to Australia. We had not been back since, until now. After four years of living in Australia, we forgot the…

    27 September 2015