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    Europe Travel

    Salzburg, Austria

    Different country, same language – we were off to Austria. Namely, the highly acclaimed city of Salzburg – birthplace of Mozart; filming location of The Sound of Music*; home to the delectably rich Sacher Torte;…

    4 September 2014
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    Europe Travel

    Munich, Germany

    It was time to leave France and the French language for now and head into Germany! We arrived in Munich around noon. The weather was pleasant. The Western European heatwave was subsiding. We headed…

    18 August 2014
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    Europe Travel

    Bruges, Belgium

    The journey to Belgium took some time as we had to catch slow trains to Amsterdam airport and Rotterdam first. We finally boarded our train to Brussels, where the G7 summit had just been…

    28 July 2014
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    Europe Travel

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Goodbye Paris! We were off to Amsterdam. I was feeling good. But, by the end of our train voyage, Alex and I were both feeling horribly nauseous. Upon arrival we entered into the rather…

    27 July 2014
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    Europe Travel

    Giverny, France

    Our third day in France was memorable for all the wrong reasons. The day started on a joyful note: the excitement of finally visiting Monet’s house and gardens was sinking in. One year earlier…

    20 July 2014
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    Europe Travel

    Paris, France

    I probably didn’t mention that we had planned a trip to Europe. Well, we did, and so begins the next chapter of my travel blogging, which happens to be my most favourite yet most…

    17 July 2014
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    Oceania Travel

    Hobart, Tasmania

    Our final day in Mr Van Diemen’s land was spent driving back to Hobart. Yes, we booked a return flight to Hobart but it would have been much more convenient to fly into Hobart…

    29 November 2013