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  • roadtowellington
    Oceania Travel

    Nelson to Wellington

    When we left Nelson it was still raining. Three days of non-stop rain made it feel like we were being followed by a huge storm cloud. The drive to Picton was pretty nasty, and…

    31 December 2011
  • greymouth
    Oceania Travel

    Greymouth to Nelson

    I awoke various times during the night to scratch my many cursed sandfly bites which I received on the highway on the night of the accident. In the end I was woken complete by…

    30 December 2011
  • franzjosef
    Oceania Travel

    Franz Josef to Greymouth

    We headed down a quick road to see the glacier that is Franz Josef. We opted for the one and a half hour walk, which was much easier than anticipated. Not really knowing what…

    29 December 2011
  • queenstown2
    Oceania Travel

    Queenstown to Franz Josef

    A sleep in. So, so good. We started our day a little later as we had an appointment with a bungee at 12pm. We checked out of our hostel and had a little walk…

    28 December 2011
  • milford
    Oceania Travel

    Milford Sound

    Another early morning today. Our tour bus was taking its time so I gave them a call and it turns out our pickup time was changed without notice. No problem. We sat around and…

    27 December 2011
  • queenstown
    Oceania Travel

    Christchurch to Queenstown

    We went to bed at 11 last night, but being 9pm in Australia, we had some trouble. This was no good as we had a big day ahead of us. We woke up this…

    26 December 2011
  • christchurch
    Oceania Travel


    We awoke at 6.15am, scrambling around to pack last minute articles. Along comes the taxi driver, earlier than expected, but rather typical. We rushed outside, and so began our commute to the airport. “Oh,…

    25 December 2011
  • nz
    Oceania Travel

    New Zealand

    In three days we depart for New Zealand. We are terribly excited. This trip has been in the making since July. Alex suggested it actually. You’d think that living this close to New Zealand…

    21 December 2011