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  • pyramid
    Oceania Travel

    Sydney, Day 4

    As today is now a work day in Australia, I was awoken at seven A.M. by a school asking if I could work. Due to my last night’s passing out, my phone was not…

    13 March 2012
  • syd3
    Oceania Travel

    Sydney, Day 3

    We left our hotel on empty stomachs. No breakfast for us. This was in order for us to fill our tummies with buffet goodness at the Sydney Tower Buffet. We ensured we did a…

    12 March 2012
  • sydbeach
    Oceania Travel

    Sydney, Day 2

    Woke up nice and early today and headed towards Central Quay to organise today’s excursion. We went to purchase our tickets for a hop-on, hop-off cruise. Unfortunately, the ticket kiosk was closed. After some…

    11 March 2012
  • syd1
    Oceania Travel

    Sydney, Day 1

    After several delays, we were finally in the air. One hour later we touched down in Melbourne’s rival city — Sydney. This would be Alex’s first visit to the touristy city and he was…

    10 March 2012
  • auckland
    Oceania Travel


    We departed a rainy Rotorua and prepared for our last drive. We arrived in a trendy suburb of Auckland called Ponsonby, about a five minute drive from the city. It was pretty rainy and…

    6 January 2012
  • huka
    Oceania Travel

    Taupo to Rotorua

    We have entered thermal land. In Rotorua the air smells eggy and quite regularly we see geysers letting off steam at various points all throughout the city. Rotorua is a very touristy city, not…

    3 January 2012
  • taupo
    Oceania Travel

    Wellington to Taupo

    The sun was finally shining this morning. It was glorious. We went for a quick wander down Cuba Street again but remembered it was another public holiday today and nothing would be open. At…

    2 January 2012
  • wellington
    Oceania Travel


    We headed out late last night and found a nearby Thai place to have dinner. Very nice. At about 10 we started walking the freezing city streets, looking for somewhere to spend NYE. We…

    1 January 2012