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    Europe Travel

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Goodbye Paris! We were off to Amsterdam. I was feeling good. But, by the end of our train voyage, Alex and I were both feeling horribly nauseous. Upon arrival we entered into the rather…

    27 July 2014
  • 14509822788_cdfde9d8ac_k
    Europe Travel

    Giverny, France

    Our third day in France was memorable for all the wrong reasons. The day started on a joyful note: the excitement of finally visiting Monet’s house and gardens was sinking in. One year earlier…

    20 July 2014
  • 14668724292_137795ac1d_k
    Europe Travel

    Paris, France

    I probably didn’t mention that we had planned a trip to Europe. Well, we did, and so begins the next chapter of my travel blogging, which happens to be my most favourite yet most…

    17 July 2014
  • zapie
    Europe Food Mains Travel


    Poland. Probably the most beautiful country I have ever visited. Poland was completely out of the way of the Western European trip I was planning over my semester break back in 2007. But I…

    31 August 2012
  • Tortilla
    Europe Food Mains Travel

    Tortilla española

    I remember arriving in Barcelona with an empty tummy. I was one day away from getting a severe head cold and from thus having a sad sniffling time in such a beautiful city. Something…

    14 August 2012