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  • 2015

    2015: A year in review

    2015 has come and gone already. My year began with a boringly mild summer. My excitement piqued shortly thereafter as we returned to the Americas to meet our new niece. Winter came, enduring as always,…

    31 December 2015
  • stbas

    A writer’s rut

    I love to write, but lately everything that has been coming out of my fingers (and mind) is not worthy of reading. So, I say, when in a writer’s rut, share some beautiful music.…

    24 February 2015
  • path

    Another route

    I was having a discussion with some friends a few days ago about career paths. It got me thinking about the path that I chose to get me to where I am today. It…

    30 January 2014
  • ljub


    I’ve never really had any regrets in my life. I always think, “If I didn’t date that person or if I didn’t get bullied, I would not be where I am today.” I would…

    4 April 2013
  • oryxcrake

    New year’s resolutions

    Just a quick entry today… we still have no internet in our new house but it should be arriving next week. I’ve never really been one to make new year’s resolutions… but this year…

    11 January 2013
  • Hot-Aus

    What to do when it’s too hot to do anything

    I have been desperate to blog but have been lacking much inspiration lately. I love to write about my travels and baking, but unfortunately I have been doing neither lately. Today I had a…

    30 November 2012
  • fox

    Latest loves

    Moscow ceramic mug I had been eyeing this off at Melbourne Central for a little while. There are a variety of these mugs for sale at a little kiosk, each with a sweet little…

    21 October 2012
  • miraflores
    Latin America Life Travel

    A love story

    Whilst procrastinating on Pinterest, I came across this idea for creating a Love Map. It got me thinking. My “met, married and live” are all in different countries. I am a very fortunate person…

    21 August 2012