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  • bananaberrymuffins
    Food Snacks

    Banana berry muffins

    These muffins are ridiculously good. Banana muffins alone are are amazing, but the surprising berry chunks in these added just a little bit extra deliciousness. A sweet, juicy surprise in almost every bite. Bananas…

    29 August 2012
  • pbgranola
    Breakfast Food Snacks

    Peanut butter granola

    I love granola. I love using it in breakfast parfaits. I usually add layers of yoghurt, fruit, granola and maybe a little bit of jam. However, I find granola at supermarkets here to be…

    19 August 2012
  • applesaucemuffins
    Food Snacks

    Applesauce muffins

    I’ve recently noticed that so many recipes I come across use applesauce instead of oil as a healthier substitute. I decided to buy a little tub to try it out. Of course, my local…

    16 August 2012
  • cinnamonbananabread
    Food Snacks

    Cinnamon banana bread

    In our house, we love banana bread. I love that it’s considered bread. I think it was called bread instead of cake to make it sound more… innocent. I’m okay with this. I stumbled…

    21 July 2012