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  • gran3
    Breakfast Food Snacks

    Maple pecan granola

    I have started a new job recently. The hours are longer and I’m getting home later, and the last thing I want to do when I get home is think about getting organised for…

    6 December 2015
  • bananamuffin
    Food Snacks

    Banana walnut muffins

    Alex started a new job last week. His new job starts at 8.45am an it’s on the other side of the city so the poor dear has to wake up earlier these days –…

    23 July 2013
  • coconutbars
    Food Snacks

    Coco-nut bars

    Continuing on with my obsession of making my own bars with my never ending supply of dates, I found this delectable recipe that looked too good to ignore. I do love me some coconut.…

    30 June 2013
  • chocdate
    Food Snacks

    Chocolate coconut date bars

    We have too many dates. I work for a country who also has too many dates. So they gave their dates to me. Now I have 3kg of a food I have never used…

    10 April 2013
  • cinnamon
    Food Snacks

    Cinnamon bread

    Today we rode 40km return on our bikes for peanut butter. Absurd, I know, but I adore peanut butter. And this was a special type of peanut butter. Cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter. I am…

    7 April 2013
  • savourybread
    Food Snacks

    Savoury bread

    I used to love eating plain white sliced bread with a thin layer of margarine on top. When I was little I would roll the slice of bread up tightly and eat it that…

    19 September 2012
  • bananabread
    Food Snacks

    Best banana bread

    This is the best banana bread ever. …according to my husband and I. I have tried many banana bread recipes and this is the best we’ve found. It’s soft, sweet and can be eaten…

    16 September 2012