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  • littlepies
    Dessert Food

    Little fruit pies

    Fruity desserts are always good. A little while ago I found canned apple and blackberry pie filling. I bought it with pie in mind (and because I was still nostalgic about my delicious apple…

    1 August 2013
  • bananamuffin
    Food Snacks

    Banana walnut muffins

    Alex started a new job last week. His new job starts at 8.45am an it’s on the other side of the city so the poor dear has to wake up earlier these days –…

    23 July 2013
  • pbbrownies
    Dessert Food

    Rich peanut butter chip brownies

    It’s winter again. As you may already know I finally decided to stop the cycling to work for now. The morning chill rushing against my face was too much to bear, and my rosy…

    12 July 2013
  • cashewcake
    Dessert Food

    Raw blueberry torte

    I have had nasal problems for some time now which no doctor seems to be able to assist with, so being as internet-savvy as I am, I have decided to try to diagnose my…

    8 July 2013
  • coconutbars
    Food Snacks

    Coco-nut bars

    Continuing on with my obsession of making my own bars with my never ending supply of dates, I found this delectable recipe that looked too good to ignore. I do love me some coconut.…

    30 June 2013
  • pastitsio
    Food Mains

    Vegetarian pastitsio

    Comfort food for me is Greek food. My maternal grandparents are from Cyprus and I always favoured my grandmother’s cooking (my yiayia) over my mother’s… much to the latter’s disappointment! My most favourite yiayia…

    3 June 2013
  • agnolotti
    Food Mains

    Agnolotti with garlic sage butter

    Alex is lucky because he works in the city centre. I work about twenty minutes out of the city. I have lived in Melbourne all my life, and Alex, two years, yet he knows…

    27 May 2013
  • blondie
    Dessert Food

    White chocolate blondies

    Decadent is a good descriptor. It is also the most perfect word to describe these blondies. I had to double check the recipe when I was baking these. Melt the white chocolate into the…

    22 May 2013