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  • pastitsio
    Food Mains

    Vegetarian pastitsio

    Comfort food for me is Greek food. My maternal grandparents are from Cyprus and I always favoured my grandmother’s cooking (my yiayia) over my mother’s… much to the latter’s disappointment! My most favourite yiayia…

    3 June 2013
  • agnolotti
    Food Mains

    Agnolotti with garlic sage butter

    Alex is lucky because he works in the city centre. I work about twenty minutes out of the city. I have lived in Melbourne all my life, and Alex, two years, yet he knows…

    27 May 2013
  • arrozcon
    Food Mains

    Arroz con palmito

    Whilst browsing randomly online (my favourite way to pass the time), I came across this recipe for a chile and cheese bake. It reminded me a lot of the arroz con palmito (baked rice…

    7 October 2012
  • guacamolepasta
    Food Latin America Mains Travel

    Guacamole pasta

    Isn’t guacamole amazing? I remember the first time I tried it. It was my last night in Tulum, Mexico and my room mate and I went out for dinner. Actually, this was also the…

    9 September 2012
  • zapie
    Europe Food Mains Travel


    Poland. Probably the most beautiful country I have ever visited. Poland was completely out of the way of the Western European trip I was planning over my semester break back in 2007. But I…

    31 August 2012
  • pupusas
    Food Mains


    One fine evening in Costa Rica, Alex told me not to cook and that he’d be bringing something home for dinner. He brought home some frozen pupusas. He explained that they were a traditional Salvadorian food,…

    26 August 2012
  • Tortilla
    Europe Food Mains Travel

    Tortilla española

    I remember arriving in Barcelona with an empty tummy. I was one day away from getting a severe head cold and from thus having a sad sniffling time in such a beautiful city. Something…

    14 August 2012
  • quinoasoup
    Food Mains

    Quinoa soup

    Peru for me brings back a soothing nostalgia for me. It is, after all, where I met my husband. When I travelled through Peru some years ago, I was delighted by their many vegetarian…

    27 June 2012