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  • blondie
    Dessert Food

    White chocolate blondies

    Decadent is a good descriptor. It is also the most perfect word to describe these blondies. I had to double check the recipe when I was baking these. Melt the white chocolate into the…

    22 May 2013
  • blueberry
    Dessert Food

    Blueberry cake

    I remember my first blueberry because it was not so long ago. I was taking my tea break from my lovely adolescent supermarket job, when one of the fresh produce fellas whispered, “Psst… Nicole……

    3 April 2013
  • marble
    Dessert Food

    Marble pound cake

    Hello stranger. No, I haven’t gone anywhere. I have just had a rather unproductive month… that is, until my colleague brought her mother-in-law’s marble bundt cake into work last week. It was rather cruel…

    21 March 2013
  • crumble
    Dessert Food

    Apple and blackberry crumble

    Generally I’m not one to buy cookbooks seeing though recipes are so readily available online nowadays (and also rated, which really appeals to me). A while ago we stumbled upon a little kiosk at…

    16 February 2013
  • chocpbtart
    Dessert Food

    Chocolate peanut butter tart

    The pièce de résistance of our housewarming party was this lovely tart that I had been wanting to make for some time. It was a toss up between this or mini chocolate ganache tarts. I…

    7 February 2013
  • cherryicecream
    Dessert Food

    Cherry ice-cream tart

    Happy New Year! Christmas has come and gone. I was planning to make a feast of sorts, and decorate the house immensely, however, there was a problem. A good problem though – we moved…

    31 December 2012
  • coconutjam
    Dessert Food

    Coconut jam slice

    Christmas is coming. I am forever jealous when my friends exclaim, “I love Christmas!” Christmas for me was never that exciting, but I want this to change. I love the idea of decorating and…

    5 December 2012
  • truffles
    Dessert Food

    White chocolate cheesecake truffles

    This is one of those recipes that everyone who tried them, loved. My anti-chocolate husband loved them. His boss asked him, “Mmm! Where did you buy these from?” My colleague said, “They were delicious!”…

    17 October 2012