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  • handpaintedmugs

    Hand-painted mugs

    During a recent spring clean of our old crockery, I came across a few very cheap Ikea Färgrik mugs that had been neglected long ago and pushed to the very back of the cupboard. Remembering the…

    4 September 2016
  • pie2

    Pie love notepaper

    When I asked Alex what he wanted for our anniversary, he replied, “Something handmade.” When it comes to handmade goods, I’m very, very interested in the idea, but getting started on a project is…

    3 November 2012
  • toile

    Shift dress

    Yes, I made my first dress. I bought the gorgeous toile fabric a few years ago in Costa Rica and finally decided I wanted to make a dress out of it. I followed a…

    18 March 2012
  • chocolate
    DIY Food

    Making chocolate

    I have a fascination with plants and nature, mostly because I love to learn how things are made. Upon my arrival in Costa Rica, my sister-in-law surprised me with a cacao fruit. Not much…

    24 November 2011
  • bookcover

    Paper book cover

    Upon receiving my teaching yearly planner last year, I was horrified to discover that the cover was completely white with a small school logo printed on front. So plain. Just awful. As I was…

    11 October 2011
  • cupcakestand

    Tiered cupcake stand

    Let me introduce you to a lovely project we made some time ago. Here’s the scenario. We were living in Costa Rica (Alex’s home). We were planning our wedding. In fact, Alex planned most…

    26 August 2011