Hand-painted mugs

4 September 2016

During a recent spring clean of our old crockery, I came across a few very cheap Ikea Färgrik mugs that had been neglected long ago and pushed to the very back of the cupboard. Remembering the many tutorials I’d seen online over the years about decorating mugs with permanent markers, I decided to revive these old sad mugs by turning them into something much more smile-inducing.


  • plain mugs
  • regular permanent markers (or oil-based paint markers, which will withstand washing a little better)
  • lead pencil
  • eraser


  1. Sketch your design onto the mugs lightly with the lead pencil. (I found inspiration in an old magazine for the arrow mug and online for the kawaii face. The sky’s the limit really.)
  2. Carefully trace over the design with your permanent markers. If any pencil marks remain, you can use an eraser to remove them.
  3. Heat oven to 220°C (430ºF) and place mugs in oven immediately to warm with the oven. Bake for 30 minutes, then let the mugs cool down in the oven for another hour or so.
  4. Hand-washing is recommended, avoiding scrubbing the design where possible.

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