Have you heard… mr. Gnome

26 May 2016

It’s no secret that I’m pretty into Mini Mansions. Alex introduced me to Pandora a few months ago and I’ve discovered that the Mini Mansions  playlist is awesome and definitely the best mix that I’ve found.

So, one day I got the revolutionary idea to type into Google: ‘bands like mini mansions’. I found a Reddit article about: ‘bands like qotsa’ (the current QOTSA bassist created Mini Mansions). I used to be absolutely obsessed with Queens of the Stone Age so I clicked the link anyway and several bands (such as Mini Mansions) were mentioned. I spent the evening looking up the mentioned bands’ videos on YouTube. Someone mentioned a band called mr. Gnome and this happened to be the first band of all the recommendations that I decided to listen to. I usually judge a book by its cover but even with mr. Gnome’s peculiar name, I still happened to choose them first.

The beginning of the video I found creeped me out, just a little, but I decided to give them a try anyway.

Madness in Miniature is one of those rare albums that has you hooked within the first minute. I thought, “Maybe it just sounds good because I haven’t heard much new music lately,” or “Maybe I’m trying too hard to like something new that I’ve discovered.” But then it dawned on me that it’s not just my wishful thinking – the album actually is phenomenal. When I played it to Alex, he noticed too.

The album is polite, heavy, moody, epic and inspirational. At first I was reminded of Karen O, then Shara Worden, then I don’t know what. It’s its own thing and it’s awesome!

I soon discovered that mr. Gnome is a husband and wife “alternative art rock” duo from Cleveland, Ohio. What a magical pair. That’s about the extent of my knowledge at this point in time, because for some strange reason, no one has really heard of this band, and their Wikipedia article is about the size of my ego.

It actually took me a little while to listen to another album by mr. Gnome, because I was so into the first one I heard that I wanted to wear it down a little before embarking on a new journey. After about a month I decided my next mr. Gnome would be Heave Yer Skeleton, again, based on the name. It too is a fantastic and fearless fairytale of mood swings.

Welcome, mr. Gnome, to my favourite bands list. I cannot recommend you enough to this crazy world who doesn’t (yet) appreciate your extraordinary talent.


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