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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

27 July 2014

Goodbye Paris! We were off to Amsterdam. I was feeling good. But, by the end of our train voyage, Alex and I were both feeling horribly nauseous. Upon arrival we entered into the rather chilly ‘Dam air and could barely move out of fear of being sick. We sat on the floor of Amsterdam’s beautiful Centraal Station, watching all the sophisticated locals rush by. We both were thinking about how carefree and fashionable the people of Amsterdam seemed, but at the same time we were thinking about how desperately we didn’t want to be sick. After chewing on a few anti-nausea tablets I was given the day before and not feeling any better, we asked some station workers where the nearest hospital was. This was not a good start to the day! The station workers advised us to go to our hotel as there was a hospital near it. They took us to a taxi and we survived the ride, feeling pretty awful but paying attention to the amazing city. A city that gives you a fantastic impression when you feel like death must be an amazing city!

We quickly checked into our phenomenal hotel (so grateful it was a good one) and spent our first day in Amsterdam in bed. I started to feel better but Alex not so much. Alex was sick only once (compared to my 6 times two days before – he’s a machine). I still blame the unwashed lettuce.

The following day, our first and sadly final day in Amsterdam, we were feeling a little better and we were able to leave the hotel. We weren’t feeling 100% but we managed to make the most of our day. We absolutely loved Amsterdam. It just had a tranquil feel to it.

We jumped on the tram and headed to the city (we noticed that the tram and taxi drivers are often young and cheerful). First we went to see the EYE Film Museum, which was on Alex’s architecture to-do list. We had fun at the museum, watching some really old films including a series of strange Disney films from the 1920s about a mischievous girl called Alice.

We noticed many, many bicycles on our way — there seemed to be more cyclists than pedestrians even. We walked along the port towards the Nemo museum, another building on Alex’s list.

As we walked back towards central Amsterdam we spent some time at the modern city library which had a lookout point with an obscured view of the city.

Lunch time! My first meal in a few days, and Alex’s too. I ate little but savoured the small amount of food as it dropped to the bottom of my poor empty stomach. We noticed many smokers in Amsterdam, which we’re not used to.

We spent the rest of the day browsing the beautiful city and walking up and down the canals. We found some fabulous shops and continued to discuss what a liveable city Amsterdam seemed to be.

We sat for an hour or two to wait for our tour of Anne Frank’s house. We still were not feeling superb and a long day walking out in the sun certainly did not help. I was so excited about Anne Frank’s house as I has just read her book. It was really remarkable to be there, and to see everything she’d described in real life.

We headed home via the Red Light District, which was full of loathsome tourists making lewd comments about the young girls enclosed in glass boxes. Many feminist soap box comments were made by me and then it was time to head home for our last night in a very cool hotel in an amazing city. Amsterdam is beautiful and currently our first choice of expatriation (although I’ve never seen it in winter so we should be cautious).

The following morning it was time to leave. I had meticulously planned our trip, including all hotels, trains and flights, but for some reason our train trip to Brussels turned out to be on a flexible ticket. So instead of leaving at 6am as originally planned (completely absurd) we were able to spend a little more time in wonderful Amsterdam and could leave later in the day.

We took our last tram ride to the museum quarter to see the grand square featuring my favourite Rijksmuseum, as well as the Van Gogh museum. No time for either but we had a wander and took some photos with the I amsterdam sign. Back we went to our amazing hotel to check out and we headed to the nearby south station to begin our short trip to Belgium.

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  • Reply Paz 2 August 2014 at 4:33 am

    So glad that you got better and were able to enjoy the rest of your visit in Amsterdam. Sucks to be sick, especially when traveling.

    • Reply Nicole 3 August 2014 at 5:19 pm

      Me too. I guess we’ll have to return one day when we’re feeling better to rent ourselves a bike!

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