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Being underrated

3 February 2014

When I was a teenager I always thought it was best for my favourite bands to remain obscure and unknown… that meant that I would always get a front row spot at their concerts, right? And that the band would always play at small, intimate venues? And that it was more likely for the band to be more easygoing if I ever met them? Well, from this little list, it almost appears that I were right. After all, I did manage to get front row for the Muse concert in Melbourne before they were really super ridiculously famous (side note: that was a pretty amazing night.)

However, there is also a downside to being underrated, which is a purely selfish but valid reason nonetheless.

Take for example, one of mine and Alex’s favourite bands, Mini Mansions. We discovered Mini Mansions after a song was played on the radio and Alex Shazamed it. The host mentioned something about Queens of the Stone Age (my old favourite band, remember?) and my ears became even more attentive. This is because a member of Mini Mansions plays and tours with QOTSA. Nevertheless, their sound is completely different. They have been compared to The Beatles, and I do hear the resemblance, although I think MM have more of a psychedelic sound.

For some unknown reason, Mini Mansions are not really that popular here. (They actually have played in Australia before, but they were the support band, and I wasn’t living here then anyway.) Therein lies the issue – why would a band come all the way from the States to Australia and spend all that money if they do not have a decent following here? Therefore, this post is here to spread the word – Mini Mansions are awesome! Tell your Australian friends!



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