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East Coast and Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

30 October 2013

Anniversary number 3! We decided Tasmania would be our destination of choice this anniversary as a few months ago, I attended a focus group about Tasmanian tourism and I was sold. Pretty beaches and vast forests with plenty of exploring to do.

I have been to Tasmania twice in my life: once on a family road trip at approximately age 9, and later on a school trip at age 15 (the latter occasion being very memorable, with highlights being the Port Arthur ghost tour and a visit to the Cadbury chocolate factory – alongside numerous teenage shenanigans).

Leave was organised from work and a four-day Tasmanian adventure began the day after our anniversary. We picked up our rental car from Hobart airport after a delayed one-hour flight. The rental looked exactly like my car. I just can’t get away from the exoticness of my disrespected silver hatchback.

The temperature felt strangely warm for 15 degrees, although the wind gave us a bit of a kick. That strong wind has been blowing around Melbourne all spring, and we noticed the same during a recent trip to Sydney. The Mayans were on to something.

The first leg of our road trip began. Pretty soon the sun began to burn my legs through my black pants. When will I learn not to wear black jeans on a road trip? Our first journey was rather costal, with our first stop being near the lovely Cressy Beach. Secluded, pretty and again, warm, but surprisingly not very windy.

Nearby in Swansea we found a berry farm. Tasmania is famous for berries and apples. We spotted a small berry field and a shop, the latter of which was full of lovely jams to taste test, including blueberry pie jam. I had fun.

Our next stop was Coles Bay. By this stage we were starving. We noticed that there were not many towns to stop in on our way and thus, no shops to stock up on road trip junk food. Coles Bay had a supermarket. We purchased lunch and Tasmanian apple cider and ate our lunch overlooking the bay and the dramatic Hazards mountain range. A strange sporadic rain commenced so we headed back to the car.

Two and a half hours since Hobart, we arrived to Freycinet National Park, home to the beautiful Wineglass Bay. We purchased our day pass and headed to the main car park, where we encountered a playful family of wallabies: dad, mum and baby in pouch. They were very cute and friendly and we had some fun with them. It was our first time seeing a joey in any pouch, so we were excited. Wildlife count after two hours in Tasmania was two species already (we drove past an echidna earlier). I do love me some wildlife spotting.

We decided to do a short one hour hike to the lookout point of Wineglass Bay. A relatively easy walk, and so warm that we were in t-shirts in Tasmania on a 16 degree day. There were several serene views of Coles Bay on the walk up the mountain.

The lookout to the Wineglass Bay was magnificent. We took our obligatory photos and enjoyed the view for some time, before heading back down. It was getting late and it was time to relax.

Our accommodation was located about half an hour from Freycinet National Park in a suburb called Bicheno (pronounced Bisheno, or so they say). We actually received a room upgrade a week or so earlier to the sea view apartment. The accommodation was located on the long road that runs along the beach. Sure enough, our apartment had a sea view, and actually, it was a house. It was huge. We were very happy with our upgrade and enjoyed living in a house for one night on our Tasmanian road trip.

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