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Chocolate coconut date bars

10 April 2013

We have too many dates. I work for a country who also has too many dates. So they gave their dates to me. Now I have 3kg of a food I have never used before. So what to do?

I discovered a type of health bar that can be made purely with dates, plus a few other flavours here and there. My first attempt at this was surprisingly delicious, where I blended dates with cashews and vanilla to create a healthy snack that tasted like a cookie. I was very surprised at how good something made with dried fruits could taste.

After this creation, the dates remained in the refrigerator for a long time. The painful part was deseeding them. It is a sticky and time-consuming operation. Last week I found some time in my busy schedule (i.e. all the time) and started deseeding. One hour later and 1kg of dates had been deseeded and stored. The other 2kg will have to wait.

I found a new recipe for this special fruity bar, this time with chocolate. We had some mini chocolate eggs around the house which were perfect for my latest treats.

I must say, again, these bars are surprisingly delicious, and taste just like chocolate truffles. I have already made them twice. Next time I would love to experiment with perhaps lemon, peanut butter or jam (not all at once however).

I still have too many dates. Perhaps I could make a few sticky date puddings. Or similar.

Chocolate coconut date bars
Yields 2
  1. 90g (3.2oz) pitted dates
  2. 2 tbsp shredded coconut
  3. 1 tsp cocoa powder
  4. 1 tbsp chocolate, roughly chopped
  5. drop of vanilla essence
  6. pinch of salt
  1. Blend all ingredients into a food processor until well-combined.
  2. Using hands, create a ball of dough.
  3. For bars, roll out dough onto some cling wrap. Use your hands, rolling pin and/or a flat guide (such as a ruler or hard surface) to create your desired bar shape. Cut into required pieces with a knife. For truffles, roll tablespoonfuls of the mixture into individual balls/truffles.
  4. Store in freezer or refrigerator.
Adapted from Chocolate Covered Katie
niveous moon

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