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Sydney, Day 4

13 March 2012

As today is now a work day in Australia, I was awoken at seven A.M. by a school asking if I could work. Due to my last night’s passing out, my phone was not near the bed, so I had to jump out of bed dishevelled and I answered in my most “Whaaaat? Am I awake or not?” voice. No, sorry, I cannot work today.

Went back to sleep. Tidied the room and checked out. Today’s plan was a relaxed day at the Botanical Gardens. We began our journey to Woolloomooloo (yes, the spelling is correct) to a sweet little bakery I’d read about. Alex said it better be worth the walk. Totally was. The Gardens were nearby. We arrived to the shrill cries of thousands upon thousands of bats (or more accurately, flying foxes). We wandered around for a bit, admiring a huge glass pyramid for a moment, until we finally stumbled upon the food plant area! I was very excited to see corn growing. But the excitement did not stop there. I found a cotton tree, just like the one I was growing in Costa Rica. I was certain that that breed of tree did not grow in Australia. And then… growing right next to the cotton tree was a coffee tree… absolutely huge and full of green fruit! The fact that this tree was growing outside and not in a greenhouse made me reconsider moving to Sydney one day. I stole a few cherries and took them home with me. Anyway, next I saw a banana tree, WITH bananas growing! Again, not in a greenhouse, again, reconsidered moving to Sydney. Although I soon discovered this was not a banana tree… but a platano tree! I recently did some research on the internet and wasn’t able to find the genus name of the plantain banana tree, but here it was, listed for me. I was terribly excited. We left the Gardens and on our way saw other types of banana trees. I was very happy. We walked to the train station and took our last whiff of the warm Sydney air.

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