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Sydney, Day 2

11 March 2012

Woke up nice and early today and headed towards Central Quay to organise today’s excursion. We went to purchase our tickets for a hop-on, hop-off cruise. Unfortunately, the ticket kiosk was closed. After some quick web browsing we discovered we could purchase our tickets onboard the ferry. I asked a man dressed like Captain Cook where our ferry terminal was. The boat arrived and we decided to purchase a ticket to Manly and then Watson’s Bay before returning home later in the day.It was another gorgeous day. We heard the past week has been terrible weather-wise so we have been very lucky. We have decided that the minimum daily temperatures here are much warmer than Melbourne’s minimums so the nights here have been rather warm. Our ferry departed and we received the ultimate view of the harbour.

Before long we had arrived in Manly, a touristy surf beach town. We headed towards the beach via a pedestrian-only strip which was very lively on this warm morning.

The tree-lined beach was full of people. I decided to dip my feet in the water and much to my surprise it was a little too cool. I was amazed by Manly beach as the waves were very close to the shore. It was definitely a surf beach.

We could see another beach across the way so we decided to investigate. It was a tiny lttle beach and more cosy than Manly Beach. We relaxed for a while then headed back to the town for lunch.

It was time to head to Watson’s Bay but our ferry was late. When it finally arrived we discovered that there was a problem with it and we would not be able to go to Watson’s Bay. Oh well. We had to wait another forty minutes for the ferry back to Sydney so we wandered around for a bit. We decided to grab a beer nearby but before we knew it our ferry had arrived. Our beers — called “middies” in Sydney — were rather large. We have never had to drink beer so quickly. Needless to say, we had a fun trip home.

Looking forward to dinner tonight — our first room service experience!

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