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6 January 2012

We departed a rainy Rotorua and prepared for our last drive. We arrived in a trendy suburb of Auckland called Ponsonby, about a five minute drive from the city.

It was pretty rainy and rather humid in Auckland. We decided to spend our day in the city, doing last minute shopping and checking out the Sky Tower. The Sky Tower can be seen from almost everywhere in Auckland.

We also checked out the harbour. We had had enough of walking up and down streets so we decided I should cut my fringe. We went to an expensive looking place and much to my excitement it only cost us $10. Then we spent some time making the most of the NZ dollar by purchasing some clothes and knick-knacks for back home.

We finished up in the city and after chilling out at the hostel for a while, we decided to go for a walk around Ponsonby to find dinner. As I said, it’s a very trendy area with some cool shops around. We decided to eat at a local burger chain called Burger Fuel, which I noted had three types of vegetarian burgers. What a great decision. I can honestly say that it was the best burger I’ve ever had, and I think I can say the same for Alex too. Best last dinner in NZ ever.

Our last day in Auckland, and NZ, was full of relaxing and time-wasting. We began our day at Mt Eden, a dormant volcano and also the highest point in Auckland. It had an impressively large crater and a great view of Auckland.

Afterwards we headed to Parnell, another trendier area, and much prettier than Ponsonby as it was full of flowers , massive trees and cute little brick laneways. We spent a while at a cafe eating a delicious brunch.

We still had just over an hour to spare so we spent that time at Auckland Domain, a massive park close to the city. It had many attractions, and I thoroughly enjoyed the hothouse, home to some native Costa Rican plants, as well as a cacao and jackfruit tree, both with fruit. I want a hothouse! We spent the rest of the time at the park reading.

It was time. We headed to the airport and deposited our Lancer. And soon enough, we were in a plane, heading home. And how nice it feels to be home!

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