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Greymouth to Nelson

30 December 2011

I awoke various times during the night to scratch my many cursed sandfly bites which I received on the highway on the night of the accident. In the end I was woken complete by the pouring rain outside. I haven’t mentioned it but we’ve been lucky enough to have had completely perfect weather up until now — generally it’s been very warm with cool breezes to keep our body temperature down. Greymouth was literally grey the whole time we were there. Although we would have loved to have used the hostel’s free bikes or kayaks, or seen the beach, I think the rain was a good thing because it gave us a chance to rest.

Oh, and today is my birthday.

We headed out in the rain and began our drive to Nelson. We were planning to make a stop at Abel Tasman National Park, which apparently is amazing, but of course it was absolutely pouring the whole way. We arrived in Nelson just after noon and it did not stop raining for the rest of the day. Judging by the weather forecast, the rain will be following us for the next few days. This makes me sad.

We spent all day hanging around our noisy hostel (hopefully we’ll be able to sleep tonight) and decided to make a booking at a highly rated German restaurant for dinner. On the way we bought tomorrow’s breakfast, and Alex bought me a birthday cake! The road we needed to take to get to the restaurant was closed, so we spent twenty minutes trying to find another route. And yes, the rain still hadn’t stopped. By accident, we eventually found the restaurant and got a park right out the front. We had a very lovely meal and it was a delicious end to my quiet and relaxing birthday in Nelson.

Now it’s time for the birthday cake…

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