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24 November 2011

I have a fascination with plants and nature, mostly because I love to learn how things are made.

Upon my arrival in Costa Rica, my sister-in-law surprised me with a cacao fruit. Not much to it really. But husband suggested making chocolate from scratch. Yes!

He insisted that the only way to extract the seeds properly was to suck all the fruit off. Not really as delicious at you think. The seeds have the texture of a lychee, those of which I am not a huge fan. (By the way, turns out you don’t have to suck the fruit off, he just wanted me to try it!)

Next step, we popped the extracted seeds into the oven for about 10 minutes. This is the household equivalent of roasting the beans.

Then came the fun part. Peeling the roasted shell off to find the delicious chocolate bean inside. The aroma was just delightful.

I put the beans in the fridge. I forgot about them. Some months later I remembered. Let’s get these finished!

Mother-in-law (suegra) helped me this time. We blended the beans into a fine powder.

We poured the powder into a saucepan and gradually stirred in milk and sugar until a smooth paste formed.

We poured our concoction into cupcake liners and ate up. We had made our own chocolate!

The verdict:

Well, I wasn’t really expecting this to be the best thing I’d ever tasted in my life. And it wasn’t, mainly because the powder from the seeds was too coarse and it didn’t really dissolve in the milk and sugar. However, it was a very fun and interesting experience seeing what goes into chocolate making!

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