Tiered cupcake stand

26 August 2011

Let me introduce you to a lovely project we made some time ago.

Here’s the scenario. We were living in Costa Rica (Alex’s home). We were planning our wedding. In fact, Alex planned most of it due to my terrible Spanish (a good man). My job was to organise the cakes. Cupcakes, I’d decided.

We looked all over San José for cupcake stands but the minimal amount of stands we found were not to my satisfaction. What to do? I found many tutorials online but most required cake bases, which were both hard to find in CR and also very costly.

Here is what we ended up doing.

Just perfect. It held about 22 cupcakes. Our wedding theme was Black & White and the cupcakes were made with a cake mix we picked up from Price Mart. The icing was a milk chocolate ganache I made myself, which didn’t set very well, being in the Costa Rican humidity and all. But it was delicious nonetheless.

Here’s how.


  • 3 ceramic plates of differing sizes
  • Permanent marker
  • Few sheets of thick paper in colour of choice (somewhere between card and paper)
  • Heavy-duty craft glue or glue gun
  • 2 thick-walled paper tubes, about 10cm wide x 10cm long (eg. used rolls of thick tape)
  • Small paper box (about 7cm x 4cm – I made this by cutting a perfume box in half)
  • Silky black craft rope (about ½ metre – optional)
  • Cute picture for your cake topper – we used this (artwork by Jose Pulido):


  1. Cover the paper tubes with your thick paper.
  2. Using a permanent marker, roughly trace both tubes onto the centre of the bottom of the two top plates. This step is a little tricky as it has to be perfectly centred.
  3. Attach the covered tubes to the plates so that you now have three tiers.
  4. Wrap the rope around the bottom of both tubes to cover up any unsightly glue bulges or marker residue. Where the rope ends will be the back part of the cupcake stand.
  5. Cover your little box in the thick paper.
  6. Find the centre of the top plate, trace around the box as a guide and glue it down. Again, you can glue some rope around the bottom of the box if you need to.
  7. Using a graphics program, flip your cute image and print both pictures.
  8. Attach each image to a piece of your thick paper, leaving a “tab” underneath each image, which is going to be a stand. Cut around the images.
  9. Glue the mounted images back-to back, leaving the tabs unglued and flipped out to either side.
  10. Glue your cake topper onto your little box.
  11. Make cupcakes!

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