Kidrobot ‘Stache Labbit 14-Inch Plush by Kozik

1 August 2009

During a night of drinking in Soho, New York City, a Russian boy and I walked down some side streets looking for somewhere to booze on. What we found in Prince Street was the Kidrobot store, closed at this time, of course, but the Russian stopped me as he is a graphic designer and holds some interest in the arts and kitschy shops. And there, gracing the window, were arrays of coloured 7-inch plush Kozik ‘Stache Labbits. I wanted one.

The following day was my last in New York City. I made a point of traveling all the way from my wonderful hostel in the enticing city of Harlem, to trendy Soho. Using my GPS, as my direction skills are terrible, I found Prince Street and was reunited with the Kidrobot store. I looked around first and picked up some little miscellaneous zip pullers, and finally, I went to get my 7-inch Labbit. White was sold out? Whaaattttt?

Really not wanting a baby blue or pink Labbit, I decided to treat myself. The 14-inch was only $29.95. Leaving Kidrobot, Labbit by my side, I was beaming.

Labbit accompanied me in his cute little Kidrobot bag on the long flight from New York City to Los Angeles, and then from Los Angeles to Melbourne. He had a long nap in the dark warmth that was the plane’s overhead compartment.

The thing that attracted me to the ‘Stache Labbit is the fact that this cute little bunny has a big mo and is so darn cute and unique. Upon bringing my Labbit home and showing him to all my friends (meaning, my mum and dad), I noticed he also has a bum hole. I truly love him. He sleeps on my bed all day and at nights he plays on my desk.

I actually found Labbit in Melbourne about a month ago, and he was very expensive. My Labbit is specialer.

I have decided to review Labbit, because I like to review all my friends and to point out their bad qualities.

Labbit with a Mo rules. He is so cute. All I wanna do is cuddle him and show him off.

As Labbit is very special to me — and a ‘designer’ bunny, if you will — I’m too scared to touch him often in case I dirty him. Plus, he is a rather firm bunny, but at least everything stays in place. At least he knows I just want to care for him.

‘Stache Labbit’s design is clever, cute and kooky, which is why I bought him to begin with. His ‘Stache sits firmly in place with no looseness. Unfortunately, lately I have realised that my Labbit’s eyes are not symmetrical — and I truly believe that this is a manufacturing flaw, rather than a meaningful asset of Mr Labbit.

Based on this criteria, Kidrobot’s ‘Stache Labbit 14-Inch Plush received an overall score of:

But in my heart my darling Labbit is a 20/15.

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